The Criminal Law Color Book, Legal Books Distributing, 1978, rev. 1982.

Popular study text for law students, using creative graphics to communicate concepts.

The Narrated Bible, (paperback titled The Daily Bible) Harvest House Publishers, 1984.

The New International Version arranged in chronological order and supplemented with

explanatory narration providing background and continuity to the text.  (More than two

million copies sold.)

Insights For Today, Harvest House Publishers, 1985.

Leather-bound gift edition of the Proverbs with daily devotionals.**

Out On a Broken Limb, Harvest House Publishers, 1986.

A response to Shirley MacLaine’s New Age book, Out on a Limb.**

The Intimate Jesus, Harvest House Publishers, 1988. (Also released as The Daily Gospels.)

The Gospels arranged chronologically with daily devotional commentary for a month.**

Fallen Spiritual Leaders, 21st Century Christian, 1988 (original title, Fallen Shepherds, Scattered Sheep), rev. 1992.

A critique of high-profile spiritual leaders who fall from grace, and what to do about the aftermath.**

Crystal Lies, Servant Publications, 1989.

A critique of the New Age movement.**

Baptism–The Believer’s Wedding Ceremony, 21st Century Christian, 1989, rev. 1993, rev. 2013.

A study of biblical baptism, exploring the depths of its meaning and purpose.

Male Spiritual Leadership, 21st Century Christian, 1989, rev. 1992, rev. 1998.  (Published originally by Harvest House Publishers as Men of Strength for Women of God and What Most Women Want.)

A study of gender roles in Scripture.

Blasphemy and the Battle for Faith, Hodder & Stoughton (London), 1990.

Commentary on blasphemy laws in England in the wake of Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses, viewed particularly in light of Islamic beliefs.**

When Choice Becomes God, Harvest House Publishers, 1990.

Exploration of a culture of choice in light of the abortion controversy.**

The Cultural Church, 21th Century Christian, 1992.

Review of a cultural paradigm shift and its impact on traditional hermeneutics used in the study of Scripture.

Meeting God in Quiet Places, Harvest House Publishers, 1992.

Devotional parables based upon walks in rural England.  Illustrated.

What You Need to Know About the New Age Movement, Harvest House Publishers, 1993.

An “info-novel” about the New Age Movement.**

Sodom’s Second Coming, Harvest House Publishers, 1993.

Critique of gay rights movement, and review of legal and moral issues affecting the controversy.**

Trial of the Century, You Be the Juror, Marcon Publishers, 1994.

Trial guide for readers wishing to understand the O. J. Simpson Case.  Ghost-written for Harvard attorney, Robert J. Walton.**

ACLU–The Devil’s Advocate, Marcon Publishers, 1996.

Analysis of the American Civil Liberties Union and its impact on America’s legal and religious culture.**

Meeting God in Holy Places, Harvest House Publishers, 1997.

Devotional parables based upon walks in Israel.  Illustrated.**

Who Is My Brother? Cotswold Publishing, 1998 (distributed by 21st Century Christian).

Exploring the boundaries of Christian fellowship.

Radical Restoration, Cotswold Publishing, 2001 (distributed by 21st Century Christian).

A plea for the church to restore more fully primitive Christian faith and practice.

30 Days With Jesus, (Formerly The Intimate Jesus and The Daily Gospels), Harvest House Publishers, 2003.

The integrated Gospels in chronological order, with introductory narrative and devotionals.

After Life–A Glimpse of Eternity Beyond Death’s Door, Cotswold Publishing, 2003 (distributed by 21st Century Christian).

Explores what the Scriptures teach about death, hades, heaven, and hell, and also engages beliefs regarding Rapture and other end-times theories as well as the afterlife beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and Roman Catholics.

30 Days Through Psalms and Proverbs, Harvest House Publishers, 2004.

The proverbs presented by topic in 30 sections, together with a corresponding psalm for each section.

30 Days Through the Bible, Harvest House Publishers, 2004.

Highlights of the Bible in 31 sections with devotional segues throughout.

Troubling Questions For Calvinists–And All the Rest of Us, 2007, Cotswold Publishing.  (Distributed by 21st Century Christian)

Taking a closer look at Calvinist, Arminian, and other faith systems, especially as they pertain to the problem of sin.

The Daily Bible Devotional, Harvest House Publishers, 2008.

365 devotionals corresponding with each day’s reading in The Daily Bible.

Angels, Demons, and the Devil, Cotswold Publishing, 2012.

What the Bible tells us about spiritual beings, as “told” by Michael the Archangel.

Portrait of an Obama Nanny State, Cotswold Publishing, 2012.

A review of Britain’s hyper-regulated nanny state as an indicator of where America is headed under an Obama trajectory.

Circles of Fellowship, Cotswold Publishing 2013 (distributed by 21st Century Christian).

A reprise of Who Is My Brother?

Darwin’s Secret Sex Problem: Exposing Evolution’s Fatal Flaw—The Origin of Sex, WestBow Press, 2018.

A challenge to both evolutionists and evolutionary creationists, arguing the impossibility of natural selection to provide sexual reproduction when and where needed to support the Darwinian microbe-to-man Evolution Story.

** Books currently out of print.